Funding available for inclusion activities and events

We have a $10,000 grant for inclusion activities

We have been allocated a grant from the NSW Department of Sport for activities that promote inclusion. The details of the requirements for access to the grant.

We invite members and clubs in NSW and ACT to propose activities and events that meet the criteria below for funding consideration. The committee of the NSWPC will assess the proposals and allocate the funding based on the level to which the proposal fits the criteria.

Please note:

  • Depending on the number of proposals, funding of events may be less that the amount requested.
  • Events must be completed by 31st December 2023, Tax invoices submitted and acquittals must be completed within 30 days. Funding can not be disbursed without supporting invoices and reports.
  • Funding is not transferrable to alternate events or activities without prior approval.
  • In the event a proposal that is approved cannot proceed, the funding may be reallocated to an alternate proposal by the NSWPC committee.

Please submit your proposal via the NSWPC web site using the form: Submit a grant application – Sport and Recreation Support Fund.

NSW Department of sport criteria – Primary basis for assessment

“Improve or create programs and services that encourage greater participation in the sport and/or assist existing participants to increase the frequency of participation . This may be specific for underrepresented groups your sport is targeting i.e. Indigenous, women and girls, multi-cultural communities, people with disability, LGBTQIA and the aged (active for later life).”

NSWPC Submission to the funding offer – guidance only

“The funding will be used to continue some successful participation programs. We have 3 primary approaches to supporting the goal is increasing participation, particularly of less represented groups.

Despite progress, women are still under-represented in canopy (swooping) competition. We plan to support clubs to deliver canopy handling courses that provide priority enrolment to women and reduce the cost of registrations.

We have previously had successful pride boogie events and will offer specific funding for the best proposal for a LGBTQI+ and/or indigenous inclusion event.

The third program is introductory and intermediate coached events. One of the retention challenges in our sport is supporting the development of people transition from student status to experienced skydivers. They need to be supported and connected to other members in the community. We have found that providing coaching for gives them connections, and improves their skills and confidence. It also allows them to introduced to the mentors that volunteer time in the sport.