NSWPC Event Funding Guidelines

Guidelines and the application process have recently been updated. Please ensure you have read and understand the guidelines to maximise approval chances.

The NSWPC funding guidelines and any information relating to the APF Fi Fund is accurate at the time of publication (16/6/19), and is subject to change. Applicants are encouraged to contact the NSWPC State Coach at StateCoach.nswpc@gmail.com with any funding queries.

Funding Objectives
NSWPC members are eligible to apply for funding towards skydiving events or projects that benefit the NSW skydiving community across a range of strategic objectives. Currently 5 objectives are recognised:

  1. Sports Retention – Matriculation of members through AFF and BRels to B licence
  2. Sports Progression – Providing opportunities and motivating members to achieve new crests (Star, HU, HD, WS, CRW, CP) or to further advance skills in specific disciplines where a need arises
  3. Competition Participation – Increasing participation at state or national championships
  4. Canopy Education – Education on safe and responsible canopy piloting across all levels of experience, particularly events focusing on lower experience jumpers
  5. Sports Promotion – Promoting the sport to a wider public audience

Events falling under objectives 1 through 4 should have clearly articulated goals to:

  • Provide quality coaching/educational opportunities for members, and
  • Maintain / improve high standards for safety in the sport

Funding Amounts
Funding is limited to $1,500 per event, unless approved on a one-off basis, should the event benefit a significant amount of jumpers, meeting several of the above objectives.

  • The NSWPC will handle events up to $500 without APF support.
  • Total funding requests between $500 and $1500 will be asked to request 50% of funding from the APF Fi Fund Level 1 after NSWPC approval
  • Events exceeding $1500 will need to apply for APF Fi Fund Funding at level 2 or 3, and should contact the State Coach or National Coach before submitting an application

Further information on the APF Fi Fund is available at (https://www.apf.com.au/members/apf-fiona-mceachern-sport-development-fund/APF-Sport-Development-Funding)

Funding is provided post event, and is subject to the event being run as described in the approved application. Pre-funding for events is not available.

How and when to apply
Funding requests should be submitted no later than:
  • 3 weeks prior to the event (<$500) or
  • 4 weeks prior to event (>$500, requiring APF Funding) to allow sufficient time for APF Fi Fund approval.
The application for funding should occur after a number of other event planning steps have been taken. Identify the area of need or objective you are trying to achieve, and design an event that provides a solution. Seek advice from experienced skydive event coordinators or people at your DZ – there may be well established existing events you could leverage. The application process would then follow the following steps:
  • Draft an event plan and budget
  • Find a date that works for the DZ and does not clash with other NSWPC funded events
  • Approach the DZ for support (slots, accommodation, etc)
  • → Submit an application to the NSWPC for funding
  • Receive revisions or approval from NSWPC State Coach
  • → If >$500, the State Coach will then advise you to approach the APF Fi Fund for funding

What can you apply for?
Applications will only be considered where the event clearly addresses one or more of the strategic objectives. These will typically be specific coaching events for a particular discipline. Boogies will not attract NSWPC funding.

Coaches may participate in jumps, or may ground coach. Typically they are expected to:
  • Determine learning objectives of participants
  • Provide a detailed briefing
  • Provide a detailed video debrief
  • Identify learning objectives for the proceeding jump
  • Provide feedback on safe and responsible canopy piloting.
Coaches completing these tasks would be expected to take approximately 40 minutes on the ground between jumps (plus packing time if self packing).

Finally, coaches should have several documented seminars that could be presented in case jumping is suspended (or be prepared to forego coaching fees when jumping is suspended).

Load organisers
Load organisers typically motivate jumpers by providing jump briefings, participating on jumps and debriefing without technical analysis. Their role is to put bums on seats and keep aircraft turning. As such, they can usually expect to spend more time jumping and less time debriefing. They may expect their slot to be partially or entirely covered by the DZ, but do not typically receive a fee.

Guide for fees
Role Description Day Rate
Load Organiser Has skills in discipline. May meet coach criteria below, but engaged in a load organiser capacity.
New Coach Has competed in Open category of discipline at a reasonable standard; has been recommended by State Coach or NSWPC delegate as a coach. $100-200
Experienced Coach Coaching experience; Has competed several times in Open category of a National competition in discipline at a high standard; Has sought coaching from national or international experts; recommended by State Coach or NSWPC delegate as an experienced coach. $250
Expert Coach Extensive coaching experience; Extensive and current competition experience in discipline, preferably at international events; Sought international coaching from discipline leaders; recommended by State Coach or NSWPC delegate as an expert coach. $300+

Accommodation and travel expenses
These costs will only apply for coaches or camera flyers traveling to a non-local DZ. Event organisers are encouraged to use local camera flyers where practical. Reasonable expenses are expected, ie., cost of fuel, reasonable accommodation costs. In most instances, cheap accommodation options available on DZ should be considered, and may be able to be considered as part of the DZ contribution.

Other expenses
In unusual circumstances, other expenses may be considered for funding applications, such as rig hire for Brel students, aircraft ferry for special events or ground assistance for large or complex events. Consider your needs carefully before applying for other expenses.

Packjobs, beer, DJ’s and other non-skydiving costs are not considered. Reasonable BBQ or other catering costs can be included, to keep people on the DZ after jumping as a debrief and networking opportunity. However, these should only be included in budgets when the opportunity for DZ support for the event is limited (ie., a canopy course where coach slots are not required), and the DZ is contributing these costs.

Event Budgets
It is expected that any event seeking NSWPC funding would also be supported by both the participants benefiting from the event and the DropZone benefiting from the increased activity. As a rule of thumb, NSWPC expect participant rego to cover at least 1/3rd of event costs through event registration, and DZ support to constitute at least an additional 1/3rd in the form of sponsored slots for coaches or camera, accommodation, travel fees, BBQ or similar. The NSWPC (in conjunction with the APF Fi Fund if >$500) would consider the remainder.

In addition, it is anticipated that a reasonable amount of funding be sought. A ballpark figure would be $25 per participant per event day. For example, an event attracting 10 participants for 2 days would be about the $500 mark.

In summary, consider:
  • Is the largest source of funding the NSWPC/APF?
  • Are we asking for more than $25/d per event participant?
If yes, reconsider your budget. Events that exceed these guidelines are unlikely to be approved without special circumstances.

Some example event budgets are provided here for assistance.

Example 1: Starcrest day
1 day event, 4 starcrestees, 10 other participants.

Item Description Cost
Coach Fee Experienced Coach $200
Coach Slot 6 jumps @ $40 $240
Camera Slot 6 jumps @ $40 $240
(Total Costs) $680
Source Description Amount
Participant Rego $25pp, $10ea used for BBQ $210
DZ Support 6 camera slots @ $40 $240
NSWPC Funding $230
(Total Funding) $680

Example 2: Canopy Course
2 day event, 8 participants per day.

Item Description Cost
Coach Fee Expert Canopy Coach, $400/d x 2 days $800
Coach Costs Travel and Accommodation $200
Ground Assistant New Coach, videoing and learning (accommodation) $100
(Total Costs) $1100
Source Description Amount
Participant Rego $30pp per day $480
DZ Support Accom (Coach and GA), allowance for HP loads $300
NSWPC Funding $320
(Total Funding) $1100

Example 3: 4-way Development Weekend
2 days, 1 Expert coach, 1 new coach, 12 participants, 4 jumps/day for participants in 4 ways with LO and camera.

Item Description Cost
Expert Coach Fee $300/d x 2 days $600
New Coach Fee $150/d x 2 days $300
Coach + Camera Slots 24 coach slots + 24 camera slots @ $40 $1920
(Total Costs) $2820
Source Description Amount
Participant Rego $40pp per day $960
DZ Support Expert coach slots $960
NSWPC Funding 50% Share $450
APF Fi Fund 50% Share $450
(Total Funding) $2820

Other considerations
  • Funds are available ONLY for skydiving events at NSWPC area dropzones. It is a core component of funding that NSWPC members are being encouraged to skydive locally. Interstate events, tunnel events or non-skydiving events will not attract funding.
  • Each event receiving funding requires a written report addressing how the above goals and objectives for the event were met, including a break-down of costs. This will be required before funds are released.
  • Advertisement pre and summary post event on social media and the NSWPC and APF homepage are strongly encouraged. Any event attracting NSWPC funding will be required to list NSWPC as a sponsor in advertising and event materials.
  • The NSWPC and the APF Fi Fund are restricted each year, and funds do run out. Submit your application early enough to ensure you have approval before advertising you event.

Once you have read all of the funding guidelines above, submit your funding application on the Funding Applications page.